Ginger & the Ghost Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.60 0.71 A bit of a witch synth feel, but more folky and original and cool. They recorded their album in a converted water tank/studio and made music with whatever was at hand. It's pretty inspired, original, and delightful.

Float Fall Leuven BELGIUM

4.60 0.10 It's emo electronic very similar to The XX but they seem to break out into more aggressive song structures.

Outkast Atlanta GA

4.60 0.00 The greatest hip-hop duo ever. Masters of funky beats and fresh rhymes.

Hamilton Leithauser New York NY

4.60 3.05 Singer from The Walkmen; Rock 'n roll with a tip of the hat to the '50's

Art School Girlfriend Wrexham UK-WALES

4.60 0.00 Every lyric sung by the vocalist against the subtle percussion and synths is effortlessly pulled off with reserved emotion. This is dark.

Trails and Ways Emeryville CA

4.57 1.85 Dreamy indie pop that will probably make you dance around like a fool

On An On Minneapolis MN

4.57 3.20 Indie synth rock that jams in all tempos

Copenhagen DENMARK

4.57 2.25 Synth pop danish lady who mixes indie, hip hop, pop, electro and all sorts of sounds. She's a force on stage and will air kick you right in your face with music, and also with her leg.

Mighty Oaks Berlin GERMANY

4.57 3.85 Folksy indie tunes from three guys from three different countries

Prinze George Prince George's County MD

4.57 2.60 Female vocal leads over synth grooves. Generally upbeat tempos combine with a minor key vibe that keep the general tone anchored in a nice state of energetic melancholy.