SXSW 2013 2013-03-12


The Flaming Lips Oklahoma City, OK

4.40 3.54 If you don't know them, listen to Yoshimi and The Soft Bulletin and get back at us. They put on an amazing live show. (We'd rate them higher if we hadn't seen them a bajillion times)

Tegan and Sara Vancouver CANADA

4.40 4.05 Indie pop-rock, these two ladies know how to put on a show

Jonathan Boulet Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA

4.40 0.68 Indie-rock with some pop sensibilities and the occasional thrash or two

Delorean Barcelona, Spain

4.40 2.56 Amazing Basque electronic-indie band. These are some danceable tunes, and they put on a fantastic, energetic live show as their 2009 FFF performance demonstrated. (Not to be confused with the less interesting country band or the bad rapper with similar names)


4.38 4.20 Synth-pop with unique female vocals that stand out atop dark electronic beats and keyboards.

Asgeir Reykjavik ICELAND

4.33 0.05 Ásgeir Trausti is a young, Icelandic singer-songwriter who recently simplified his band moniker and completely redid his debut album in English. Think an Icelandic Bon Iver and you're getting close.

Flume Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.33 3.25 Funky but kinda mellow post dubstep electronica from Australia

Dessa Minneapolis MN

4.33 3.25 Part of the Doomtree collective, Dessa gives us a mix of hip-hop, slam poetry and lush melodies.

Amon Tobin San Francisco CA

4.33 2.84 dark experimental electronic DJ with a lot of crunch and a live set that is awesomely insane

Futurebirds Athens GA

4.33 2.85 Americana country folk with some big harmonies