SXSW 2016 2016-03-15


Lucius Brooklyn NY

4.43 3.60 Two great lead female vocals carry an "Indie/Whatever" band of Berklee School of Music grads living in Brooklyn.

Har Mar Superstar Brooklyn NY

4.43 3.60 Har Mar is mesmerizing live but careful getting too close unless you want to get a special package delivered to your face. It's pop meets late 80's R&B meets funk and it's sexy as all hell.

Ghostland Observatory Austin TX

4.40 2.90 Arguably Austin's most celebrated electro-duo. The cape-wearing keyboardist and the Freddy Mercury-esque lead singer are known for putting on incredibly lively shows.

Geographer San Francisco CA

4.38 2.95 Sometimes danceable, sometimes melancholic indie pop with clear, powerful vocals and an electric cello to boot.

Kevin Garrett Brooklyn NY

4.33 3.45 This guy has a voice with a nice range that stays pure and smooth as he emotes his sad Pop/R&B songs.

Neon Indian Brooklyn NY

4.33 3.55 Synth pop / Electro indie dance music with male vocals

Givers Lafayette LA

4.33 2.95 Indie pop with male and female vocals, with new music in 2015

Jahkoy Toronto ON CANADA

4.33 4.30 Infectious R&B meets house by this singer/songwriter and producer

Jamie xx London UK ENGLAND

4.33 4.15 Solo Project by Jamie of The XX, blending hip-hop, indie and dance music. His album In Colour was a Hippohonk favorite of 2015.

Bear Mountain Vancouver CANADA

4.29 3.00 If you put an indie band in an electronic jungle and added a male falsetto, this would be the outcome.