SXSW 2016 2016-03-15


Hashback Hashish New Delhi INDIA

2.00 0.60 Minimalist electronic

In The Whale Denver CO

2.00 1.55 Hard punk rock duo

Ho99o9 Newark NJ

2.00 3.25 Hardcore, almost metal level of weird punk? Is this something? I don't really understand what it is but expect yelling and anger in spades. You say their name like "horror" even though I think the internet will agree with me that 9's are g's and not r's.

Alexander Jean LOS ANGELES CA

2.00 2.75 Dramatic duo with a female lead who sounds just a little like Sia with that sort of broken-pitch-wail thing she does on the higher notes. You know what I'm talking about.

PHASES Los Angeles CA

2.00 2.95 Where do I begin with this dance-pop outfit out of LA? With the novel-length description they gave of themselves to or perhaps their most recent album cover that is just plain 80's ridiculousness. Or maybe I should talk about the fact that they used to be called JJAMZ (pronounced juh-jamz). PHASES I love you. Never change.

Yung Aarhus DENMARK

2.00 3.95 Hard to find any music from them since their website is broken. From what I can tell, it's a fiery punk band in the guitar section such that the vocals are mostly covered up.

Vaadat Charigim Tel Aviv ISRAEL

2.00 1.55 Quieter indie rock sung in Hebrew. There are a lot of slow "The National"-like builds in the background and the voice is a quiet and echoing on top.

Zavala Chicago IL

2.00 3.05 Electronic music and sounds

Visonia Santiago CHILE

2.00 1.30 Minimal wave electro

Supraman Austin TX

2.00 0.65 Electronic producer/DJ