SXSW 2016 2016-03-15


James Supercave Los Angeles CA

4.00 2.65 Rad dancey indie rock

Sun Kil Moon San Francisco CA

4.00 3.25 Melancholic folk with frontman Mark Kozelek who sings in a sort of clear mumble while he strums on his guitar. Each album follows different themes and moods, from boxing to the death of a second cousin.

Bob Moses New York NY

4.00 3.65 Mellow, smoke-tinged rock-electronic house music. Picture the most stylish lounge bar in the hippest part of town and there's a good chance these guys would be playing there.


4.00 3.45 Instrumental jazz-rock that keeps you on your toes. They blend constantly changing beats with droning guitars and every other thing you wouldn't expect.

Knox Hamilton Little Rock AR

4.00 2.80 Indie Pop/Rock with the hit song "Work It Out" released Aug 2014

Freedom Fry Los Angeles CA

4.00 3.15 Male/female duo/trio who sing the vocals to their folksy pop tunes back and forth to each other. If someone asked me what "Californian pop" sounded like, I would play them this band.

Little Simz London UK-ENGLAND

4.00 3.15 Crazy fast rappin' Brit. Backing beats are completely inconsequential when she starts flowin'.

Weval Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

4.00 2.80 Two producers from the Netherlands who put out smokey electronic jams.

Cash+David London UK-ENGLAND

4.00 2.60 Moody electro-duo with the female guest vocalist from Bombay Bicycle Club. The latest song, PAINS 4 U is a bit of a progression and hopefully a sign of what's to come.

Chinah Copenhagen DENMARK

4.00 4.10 eR&B with some sexy female vocals going on. Sort of like Janet Jackson post Rhythm Nation.