SXSW 2017 2017-03-14


The Chainsmokers New York NY

4.50 5.00 Popular electronic dance producer duo, as well as entertaining hosts for EDM radio shows.

Bearson Oslo NORWAY

4.50 3.25 Indie dance/electronic with different guest vocalists

Phoria Brighton UK-ENGLAND

4.50 4.10 Alternative electronic 5-piece with a smooth male falsetto. Strings, beats and keys come and go during their slow-moving jams. Perfect for a rainy day.

Vera Blue Forbes NSW AUSTRALIA

4.50 0.00 Down-tempo electro-pop with strong folk female vocals

SG Lewis Reading ENGLAND

4.50 0.00 Electronic music producer with sexy down-tempo bass-filled tracks featuring different guest vocalists, and often live keys and drums.

Jain Paris FRANCE

4.50 0.00 French pop with a soulful female voice at the head

GoGo Penguin Manchester UK-ENGLAND

4.50 0.00 Three guys jamming out on a drum, piano and double bass creating fast paced instrumental music.

Har Mar Superstar Brooklyn NY

4.43 3.60 Har Mar is mesmerizing live but careful getting too close unless you want to get a special package delivered to your face. It's pop meets late 80's R&B meets funk and it's sexy as all hell.

Jahkoy Toronto ON CANADA

4.33 4.30 Infectious R&B meets house by this singer/songwriter and producer

Christian Loffler Greifswald GERMANY

4.33 1.40 Atmospheric electronica that never settles down or moves to fast. Imagine a traveling female vocal, a muffled clock ticking, an echoing drip noise and a steel drum layered on your normal drum machine and you'll get something close.