ACL 2013 2013-10-04


Neko Case Tacoma, WA

4.50 3.25 One of the most unique singer-songwriters of recent years, Neko Case brings her own style to every track, and they're awesome. A mix of alt-country, indie-rock, alt-rock; whatever you wanna call it, love it.

Desert Noises Provo UT

4.50 1.15 Fun indie-rock with a rollocking feel, older than but reminds me of Lord Huron.

Latasha Lee & the Blackties Austin, TX

4.50 0.75 Funky soulful singer with soul-hip hop tunes. Like Amy Winehouse but more, idk, realllllly good.

Purity Ring Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

4.40 2.75 A unique duo where you can hear Grimes, Baths, Dicsclosure, and the Knife like sounds with hip hop beats and overlapping sweet female vocals. Their last show in Austin was at Mohawk and was amazing; the act really translates well to a live performance.

Phoenix Versailles, France

4.40 4.40 French indie-pop darlings Phoenix continue to rock out with their catchy and fun tunes. They put on an energetic and highly danceable live show.

Typhoon Portland OR

4.38 2.45 Big orchestral indie rock with uplifting powerful sound and counterbalancing dark lyrics

Divine Fits Los Angeles, CA

4.33 2.25 Rock with members including Spoon's Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner.

Tame Impala Perth, Australia

4.33 3.45 Psychedelic rock that draws you in and makes you love them.

Okkervil River Austin TX

4.33 2.65 Quirky folk influenced indie rock storytellers.

Pinback San Diego, CA

4.33 2.95 Kinda funky, mellow and jazzy rock and roll making music since the late 90's. Sounds a bit like El Ten Eleven with lyrics.