SXSW 2015 2015-03-17


The Black and The White Los Angeles CA

4.50 0.00 Synth pop with dance beats and catchy hooks.

Great Good Fine Ok Brooklyn NY

4.44 3.55 Electro pop with falsetto male vocals. One of the band members wears map-themed garments to great effect.

MisterWives New York NY

4.44 4.05 Soul-influenced indie pop with powerful female vocals.

B├śRNS Los Angeles CA

4.44 4.20 Light and upbeat eclectic pop music with a lead vocal that can hit dem high notes.

Wolf Alice London UK-ENGLAND

4.43 3.65 Well-produced alt rock and roll with a female singer and a mellow, almost washed out sound.

Beat Connection Seattle WA

4.43 3.30 Electro dance pop with some funk flair and male vocals, perfect for a beach dance party

Big Data Brooklyn NY

4.43 4.10 Electro Indie Pop similar to Hot Chip, with clever lyrics in the realm of distrust of the Cloud. Perhaps best known for the hit "Dangerous" featuring Joywave.

Years & Years London UK-ENGLAND

4.43 4.65 Danceable, melodic electro-pop slightly reminiscent of MJ in the vocals. Eventually this will probably draw a younger crowd of screaming tweens but maybe us old-folks can get a good SXSW show in before that happens.

Atmosphere Minneapolis MN

4.40 4.30 One of the major players of underground rap over the last couple of decades, MC Slug and producer Ant have been kicking out albums that overflow with introspective tales and universal truths.

Cathedrals San Francisco CA

4.40 3.75 Dreamy Synth-Pop duo with rich female vocals