SXSW 2015 2015-03-17


Geographer San Francisco CA

4.38 2.95 Sometimes danceable, sometimes melancholic indie pop with clear, powerful vocals and an electric cello to boot.

Dessa Minneapolis MN

4.33 3.25 Part of the Doomtree collective, Dessa gives us a mix of hip-hop, slam poetry and lush melodies.

Futurebirds Athens GA

4.33 2.85 Americana country folk with some big harmonies

Garden City Movement Tel Aviv ISRAEL

4.33 3.05 [CANCELLED FOR 2015] Glitchy electronica with English lyrics, probably best enjoyed outside in the sun with a beer

All Them Witches Nashville TN

4.33 3.05 Bluesy, progressive rock that sometimes crosses over into late-70's territory. The guitars give off a dirty blues-grunge vibe while the drummer wails away on his kit.

The California Honeydrops Oakland CA

4.33 2.80 Happy, upbeat and soulful funk/jam band, would make for a great daytime show.

Laura Marling London UK-ENGLAND

4.33 4.25 Often compared to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling creates critically acclaimed folk albums that feature her intricate guitar work, sombre tales and rich vocal.

Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear Kansas City MO

4.33 2.95 Mother and son duo on acoustic guitar crafting unique folk songs. The son has a clear deep gospel-like voice and the mother adds in occasional harmonies and vocal flares.

The Wind & The Wave Austin TX

4.33 1.05 Folk pop from a local duo who are not afraid to rock it out.

Kaleo Mosfellsbær ICELAND

4.33 3.45 Bluesy rock, and at times like an Icelandic folk version of early Bon Iver. Currently living in Austin.