SXSW 2015 2015-03-17


Amber London Houston TX

2.00 0.00 Explicit hip-hop slowed and chopped

Ho99o9 Newark NJ

2.00 3.25 Hardcore, almost metal level of weird punk? Is this something? I don't really understand what it is but expect yelling and anger in spades. You say their name like "horror" even though I think the internet will agree with me that 9's are g's and not r's.

Elvis Depressedly Asheville NC

2.00 0.00 Hipsters will swoon to this low key and emo indie music. There's nothing Elvis and everything Depressedly about this. Holy crap, and they're from Asheville. Perfect.

Hannah Diamond London UK-ENGLAND

2.00 0.00 Girl-pop that's so simple that at points you wonder if she's pure genius or if she got her start by buying songs like Rebecca Black. If you like talkin' 'bout boys, the Babysitter's Club and going to the mall, then this is for you.

ILoveMakonnen Atlanta GA

2.00 0.00 Party R&B/hip-hop. Basically he steps back and forth between singing and rapping usually about being at da club.

Ghost Magnet Roach Motel Tijuana MEXICO

1.00 1.05 Noise. It's just noise.

Jameszoo Den Bosch, THE NETHERLANDS

1.00 1.70 Strange dissonant non-rhythmic electronic

Adia Huntsville AL

1.00 2.45 I literally never want to hear Christian R&B/hip-hop but if you like this type of music, it's not horrible. To paraphrase Hank Hill, "You aren't making Jesus better, you're just making music worse"

Blaze Richmond VA

1.00 2.60 Lady rapper doing Christian hip-hop. She has the answer for all your troubles but you'll have to listen to find out who it is. No spoilers here.

Walter TV Vancouver BC CANADA

1.00 2.30 Weird psychedelic noise with no real structure or direction