ACL 2014 2014-10-03


Phantogram Saratoga Springs NY

4.89 3.10 Dark ambient indie electro-pop male/female duo

Beck Santa Monica CA

4.75 0.00 Eccentric and eclectic folky funky rock

Outkast Atlanta GA

4.60 0.00 The greatest hip-hop duo ever. Masters of funky beats and fresh rhymes.

Copenhagen DENMARK

4.57 2.25 Synth pop danish lady who mixes indie, hip hop, pop, electro and all sorts of sounds. She's a force on stage and will air kick you right in your face with music, and also with her leg.

Poliça Minneapolis MN

4.50 3.55 This four piece band is composed of two drummers a bassist and a lead female vocal that is run through a vocoder. It's 100% sultry, sexy and their live show will make you spontaneously grind on your neighbor but your neighbor don't care, because they're grinding back on you.

Spanish Gold Austin TX

4.50 0.00 Funky, nostalgic rock and roll trio that includes the drummer from MMJ and a former member of Grupo Fantasma. They bring the classic rock party but keep it fresh.

Lucius Brooklyn NY

4.43 3.60 Two great lead female vocals carry an "Indie/Whatever" band of Berklee School of Music grads living in Brooklyn.

Sam Smith London UK-ENGLAND

4.40 3.65 British R&B/pop vocalist already recognized with Disclosure and Naughty Boy, with debut album dropping in 2014

The Preatures Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.40 1.25 Old-rock meets new indie pop. The smooth lead vocal has a groovin' 70's vibe.

St. Vincent New York NY

4.33 0.00 Originally more folk-pop but currently experimenting with a lot more layered instrumentation and twisted song structures. TL;DR: She's weird.