FunFunFun 2014 2014-11-07



4.82 3.64 Mercury prize winners for best album of 2012. Haunting vocals, stripped down intrumentation, fresh indie music

San Fermin Brooklyn NY

4.50 4.00 Orchestral indie rock with contrasting male and female vocals, powerful brass and dynamic percussion.

Atmosphere Minneapolis MN

4.40 4.30 One of the major players of underground rap over the last couple of decades, MC Slug and producer Ant have been kicking out albums that overflow with introspective tales and universal truths.

Nas New York NY

4.33 4.05 Prolific rapper who's been releasing music since 1991.

Har Mar Superstar Brooklyn NY

4.29 3.60 Har Mar is mesmerizing live but careful getting too close unless you want to get a special package delivered to your face. It's pop meets late 80's R&B meets funk and it's sexy as all hell.

Wildcat! Wildcat! Los Angeles CA

4.25 1.66 Experimental indie pop with bass lines to make you move your feet

Modest Mouse Issaquah WA

4.25 0.00 Indie pop-rock with the unique vocals of Isaac Brock. Their hit "Float On" made them famous but every hipster will tell you they knew them before they were cool.

Dana Falconberry Austin TX

4.00 1.90 Pretty and thoughtful tunes from this singer/songwriter and the accompanying instrumentation.

ASTR New York NY

4.00 3.45 Funky and fun high-energy synth pop tunes with female vocals and backing electro-drummer.

Gary Numan Los Angeles CA

4.00 2.70 Probably best known for his 80's classic 'Cars', Gary Numan is back in full force putting out dark industrial synth rock.