SXSW 2020 2020-03-16


Remi Wolf Palo Alto CA

5.00 0.00 groovy dance pop


4.67 2.80 Hushed, dark and emotional, singer-songwriter Alice Bisi creates layered, moody pop songs. Similar to bands like Daughter.

Heart Bones Minneapolis MN

4.67 0.00 This duo comprised of Har Mar Superstar and Sabrina Ellis create fun pop jams like you haven't heard in years. They harmonize and challenge each other like famous male/female duos of generations past. (Also - very silly stuff)

Liz Lawrence Stratford Upon Avon UK-ENGLAND

4.67 0.00 Singer-songwriter with a folk-rock edge, relatable lyrics and a smooth low vocal.

Worriers Brooklyn NY

4.50 2.10 Female lead pop-punk-rock band with high energy upbeat guitar riffs and quick bass lines. Set against your more traditional punk lyrics of love, life, loss, anger and moving on.

Rosie Lowe London UK-ENGLAND

4.50 0.00 Sexy and soulful eR&B with an intoxicating lead vocal

Har Mar Superstar Brooklyn NY

4.43 3.60 Har Mar is mesmerizing live but careful getting too close unless you want to get a special package delivered to your face. It's pop meets late 80's R&B meets funk and it's sexy as all hell.

Adam French Congleton UK-ENGLAND

4.33 0.00 Singer-songwriter with a sexy timbre in the vocals and melancholic sounds. HOOO HOOO

Sega Bodega London UK-ENGLAND

4.33 0.00 From string quartets to a song about how U Suck (not you personally...well, I dunno, maybe you) this guy is a eclectic electronic producer who will probably make you dance in weird ways.

Quiet Company Austin TX

4.14 2.90 Dynamic indie rock that cleverly bounces between pop melodies and an edgier rock sound.