Wonder Villains Derry IRELAND

2.00 0.15 indie pop

Eric Hutchinson New York NY

2.00 1.90 Up-beat pop that you would expect to hear on a beach in California.

Paul Couture New York NY

2.00 0.80 Producer with beats/lyrics that kind of remind me of a more poppy LMFAO.

Alexz Johnson New York NY

2.00 3.00 Americana pop (even though she's originally from Canada). She sings mostly anthemic pop that has traces of popular modern country.

Gal Pals Austin TX

2.00 1.95 Girl duo surf rock

Hannah Diamond London UK-ENGLAND

2.00 0.00 Girl-pop that's so simple that at points you wonder if she's pure genius or if she got her start by buying songs like Rebecca Black. If you like talkin' 'bout boys, the Babysitter's Club and going to the mall, then this is for you.

Twenty One Pilots Columbus OH

2.00 0.00 Post-punk Pop duo

PHASES Los Angeles CA

2.00 2.95 Where do I begin with this dance-pop outfit out of LA? With the novel-length description they gave of themselves to or perhaps their most recent album cover that is just plain 80's ridiculousness. Or maybe I should talk about the fact that they used to be called JJAMZ (pronounced juh-jamz). PHASES I love you. Never change.

Stolar Brooklyn NY

2.00 1.10 Some sort of combo of dance, R&B, singer/songwriter and pop. There's a level of production around this artist that's perplexing. Violins, cellos, big beats, and lyrics like "give me the drip". I don't even know man. In the words of Randy Jackson "It's just not my thing dawg".

The Heirs Los Angeles CA

2.00 2.35 Kind of predictable L.A. Pop group