Hamilton Leithauser New York NY

4.60 3.05 Singer from The Walkmen; Rock 'n roll with a tip of the hat to the '50's

Spanish Gold Austin TX

4.50 0.00 Funky, nostalgic rock and roll trio that includes the drummer from MMJ and a former member of Grupo Fantasma. They bring the classic rock party but keep it fresh.

All Them Witches Nashville TN

4.33 3.05 Bluesy, progressive rock that sometimes crosses over into late-70's territory. The guitars give off a dirty blues-grunge vibe while the drummer wails away on his kit.

Kaleo Mosfellsbær ICELAND

4.33 3.45 Bluesy rock, and at times like an Icelandic folk version of early Bon Iver. Currently living in Austin.

Foo Fighters Seattle WA

4.33 0.00 Rock with front man Dave Grohl, pumping out hits since the '90's and music videos with the band as the actors. More recently known for their documentary series Sonic Highways.

Catfish and the Bottlemen Llandudno UK-WALES

4.29 4.40 Well-produced alt-rock. It's not the most innovative song-writing in the world, but these are some solid rock songs to jam out to.

Spirit Animal Brooklyn NY

4.17 2.60 High-energy funk-rock who is a party on stage.

Gary Numan Los Angeles CA

4.00 2.70 Probably best known for his 80's classic 'Cars', Gary Numan is back in full force putting out dark industrial synth rock.

Mujeres Barcelona SPAIN

4.00 0.50 Jangly, 60's sounding, Spanish rock. Could be a rowdy live show.

Black Pistol Fire Austin TX

4.00 3.30 Good ol' hard rocking blues, ala Jack White and the Black Keys, etc.