Mansionair Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.80 4.55 Smooth falsetto vocals over down-tempo grooves, with songs that slowly transition from one idea to the next without losing a central theme.

San Fermin Brooklyn NY

4.50 4.00 Orchestral indie rock with contrasting male and female vocals, powerful brass and dynamic percussion.

Desert Noises Provo UT

4.50 1.15 Fun indie-rock with a rollocking feel, older than but reminds me of Lord Huron.

Poli├ža Minneapolis MN

4.50 3.55 This four piece band is composed of two drummers a bassist and a lead female vocal that is run through a vocoder. It's 100% sultry, sexy and their live show will make you spontaneously grind on your neighbor but your neighbor don't care, because they're grinding back on you.

Wolf Alice London UK-ENGLAND

4.43 3.65 Well-produced alt rock and roll with a female singer and a mellow, almost washed out sound.

Glass Animals Oxford UK-ENGLAND

4.38 1.45 Trippy electronica groove dance music with a male falsetto

Typhoon Portland OR

4.38 2.45 Big orchestral indie rock with uplifting powerful sound and counterbalancing dark lyrics

London Grammar London UK-ENGLAND

4.33 3.05 Slow and sweeping, almost operatic rock, with vocals that remind me of a less flamboyant Florence and the Machine.

Arthur Beatrice London UK-ENGLAND

4.29 1.40 Smart indie 4-piece with male and female vocals

Damon Albarn London UK-ENGLAND

4.25 2.25 Frontman for Blur, Gorillaz, God Save the Queen, and Monkey: Journey to the West. There's only one single out from his new solo album and it's an acoustic guitar slow jam with his vocal at the forefront.