Mansionair Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.80 4.55 Smooth falsetto vocals over down-tempo grooves, with songs that slowly transition from one idea to the next without losing a central theme.

Desert Noises Provo UT

4.50 1.15 Fun indie-rock with a rollocking feel, older than but reminds me of Lord Huron.

Poli├ža Minneapolis MN

4.50 3.55 This four piece band is composed of two drummers a bassist and a lead female vocal that is run through a vocoder. It's 100% sultry, sexy and their live show will make you spontaneously grind on your neighbor but your neighbor don't care, because they're grinding back on you.

San Fermin Brooklyn NY

4.50 4.00 Orchestral indie rock with contrasting male and female vocals, powerful brass and dynamic percussion.

Wolf Alice London UK-ENGLAND

4.43 3.65 Well-produced alt rock and roll with a female singer and a mellow, almost washed out sound.

Typhoon Portland OR

4.38 2.45 Big orchestral indie rock with uplifting powerful sound and counterbalancing dark lyrics

London Grammar London UK-ENGLAND

4.33 3.05 Slow and sweeping, almost operatic rock, with vocals that remind me of a less flamboyant Florence and the Machine.

Glass Animals Oxford UK-ENGLAND

4.29 1.45 Dark and trippy indie rock. For fans of Alt-J.

Arthur Beatrice London UK-ENGLAND

4.29 1.40 Smart indie 4-piece with male and female vocals

Damon Albarn London UK-ENGLAND

4.25 2.25 Frontman for Blur, Gorillaz, God Save the Queen, and Monkey: Journey to the West. There's only one single out from his new solo album and it's an acoustic guitar slow jam with his vocal at the forefront.