Indie Pop


Kishi Bashi Athens GA

5.00 1.75 A classically trained violinist, Kishi Bashi (the pseudonym of Kaoru Ishibashi) makes highly catchy indie pop tracks using repeated loops of instrumentation and vocals. Unique and mesmerizing live.

Sylvan Esso Durham NC

4.86 0.00 A male-female duo putting out smooth tunes that are a nice blend of of electro-folk and indie pop.

Will Joseph Cook Royal Tunbridge Wells UK-ENGLAND

4.67 3.15 Indie pop with a vocal and sound similar to David Byrne's solo work.


4.67 2.95 Dark, atmospheric and moody electro-pop with male/female vocal harmonies. Somewhat similar to Massive Attack.

Panama Sydney AUSTRALIA

4.67 2.20 Wide variety of pop styles all the way from electronic danceable jams to dark retro anthems.

Prinze George Prince George's County MD

4.57 2.60 Female vocal leads over synth grooves. Generally upbeat tempos combine with a minor key vibe that keep the general tone anchored in a nice state of energetic melancholy.

Ibeyi Paris FRANCE

4.50 0.00 French-Cuban twins who mix various percussive instruments (piano most notably) with their clear toned vocals. It's fairly minimal but the mix of English and Yoruba vocals in harmony create a compelling sound.

Santigold Philadelphia PA

4.50 4.10 Fun dancey female indie pop artist with the hit L.E.S. Artists from 2007 and more

Mideau Salt Lake City UT

4.50 2.15 Mellow indie pop duo with pleasant female vocals.

BØRNS Los Angeles CA

4.44 4.20 Light and upbeat eclectic pop music with a lead vocal that can hit dem high notes.