Miike Snow Stockholm SWEDEN

5.00 4.30 Producers of electronic dance pop featuring a male falsetto. The shows are lively and include cool gadgetry.

The Japanese House London UK-ENGLAND

4.75 4.45 Electronic down-tempo pop with vocals similar to Imogen Heap and rad bass riffs that come out of nowhere.

Lewis Del Mar Rockaway Beach NY

4.75 4.45 This duo create a mash-up of sampled beats, intricate guitars and electronic sounds. Rhythms start, stop and return to slap you in the face.

Odesza Seattle WA

4.71 4.65 Two DJ/producers sampling slower, almost R&B (generally female) vocals into higher tempo and danceable mixes.

Axel Thesleff Helsinki FINLAND

4.67 0.00 Electronic producer with groovy dance beats and an electro-xylophone.

Float Fall Leuven BELGIUM

4.60 0.10 It's emo electronic very similar to The XX but they seem to break out into more aggressive song structures.

Copenhagen DENMARK

4.57 2.25 Synth pop danish lady who mixes indie, hip hop, pop, electro and all sorts of sounds. She's a force on stage and will air kick you right in your face with music, and also with her leg.

Phoria Brighton UK-ENGLAND

4.50 4.10 Alternative electronic 5-piece with a smooth male falsetto. Strings, beats and keys come and go during their slow-moving jams. Perfect for a rainy day.

The Black and The White Los Angeles CA

4.50 0.00 Synth pop with dance beats and catchy hooks.

Vera Blue Forbes NSW AUSTRALIA

4.50 0.00 Down-tempo electro-pop with strong folk female vocals