Sam Fender Newcastle Upon Tyne UK-ENGLAND

4.67 0.00 This guy puts his soulful vocal over a clanging, echoing electric guitar and takes the singer-songwriter genre up a notch.

Lawrence Taylor London UK ENGLAND

4.67 3.30 Singer-songwriter out of London on the soulful side of the spectrum

Lucy Dacus Richmond VA

4.50 2.55 Singer/songwriter with a folk rock vibe. Her vocal is smooth and effortless.

Laura Marling London UK-ENGLAND

4.33 4.25 Often compared to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling creates critically acclaimed folk albums that feature her intricate guitar work, sombre tales and rich vocal.

Asgeir Reykjavik ICELAND

4.33 0.05 Ásgeir Trausti is a young, Icelandic singer-songwriter who recently simplified his band moniker and completely redid his debut album in English. Think an Icelandic Bon Iver and you're getting close.

Hozier Dublin IRELAND

4.25 1.80 Male singer/songwriter with a voice that's big and powerful. Backing is anywhere from stripped down acoustic guitar to full band with choir.

Hurray for the Riff Raff New Orleans LA

4.17 3.95 Old timey folk music with strong female vocal lead.

Elizabeth & The Catapult Brooklyn NY

4.00 0.95 Singer/songwriter with an indie folk-rock vibe from a strong female lead.

Nick Mulvey London UK-ENGLAND

4.00 1.75 Singer/songwriter with some nice folk melodies. This could be a real nice day show with a beer in hand.

Fismoll Poznan POLAND

4.00 0.90 Singer/songwriter that tickles the ivories and strums an acoustic guitar with down tempo and somewhat sad melodies. Similar to Bon Iver.